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All About The Bard For The Bibliophile!

H​i! I'm so glad you decided to stop by my site! I've created a resource for those looking for young adult book recommendations -- I've always struggled to find sense in the recommendations I've seen, especially considering that so many reviews that are meant for adolescents are written by adults, so I decided to make the resource I needed when I was looking for YA books.


While I did write a large number of the reviews on here, a lot of the reviews on here are written by friends of mine who also love to read. I have only read so many books, and I think reviews are most reliable when the reviewer has experience with the product, so I asked a bunch of people to write reviews about YA books they liked. If you'd like to either write a review or see a review written about a book that isn't on here yet, contact me using the contact form at the bottom of the page, and I'll get back to you!

None of the books reviewed here are for sale through this site, but you could probably find them at a local bookstore or at Barnes and Noble.

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