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Fatal Throne

Various Authors


Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived. England, 1511-1547. The temperamental and controversial Henry VIII rules the land. He could have been an unremarkable king, forgotten by history, but then he divorced his wife and separated the country from the Catholic Church. Over the coming years, he would marry five more times and this book seeks to understand the six women who married the king. Separated into six sections written by six different authors, this book takes the reader inside each queen’s experience.

Genre: Historical Fiction

Recommended Age Level: 14+


Rating: 4.75/5


If you were one of King Henry VIII's six wives, who would you be? Would you be Anne Boleyn, who literally lost her head? The subject of rumor and scandal like Catherine Howard? Or would you survive like Anna of Cleves?

Meet all Henry's queens—each bound for divorce or death—in this epic novel that reads like fantasy but really happened. Watch spellbound as each wife attempts to survive their unpredictable king as he grows more obsessed with producing a male heir. And discover how the power-hungry court fanned the flames of Henry's passions . . . and his most horrible impulses.

Brought to life by seven award-winning and bestselling authors, here is an intimate look at the royals during one of the most treacherous times in history.

A Review

Fatal Throne is a truly exceptional work, one that manages to have distinct parts that form a cohesive sum. Unlike many collections written by various authors, these pieces all work together evenly, creating sympathy and understanding of the six queens. Fans of the recent musical Six who want a slightly more serious take on the queens will find it here. Written by authors of such books as A Northern Light, A Long Walk to Water and The Language of Fire, this book manages to deftly handle several complicated stories with passion, suspense and heart.

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